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  1. As promised, PhD Assistants will support researchers in their research endeavors. We provided limitless changes on whatever we committed in accordance with the original conversation with the admin team because we recognized that the researchers' perceptions might vary from one to another.
  2. The demo will only be given to one individual, and if necessary, it may be given up to twice.
  3. After a project is confirmed, we strictly adhere to the word/page count, and any changes to the original demand will be treated as a new requirement because discussion in this regard is not allowed.
  4. Based on the availability of experts, conference call arrangements will only be made during the hours of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Indian Standard Time -IST) on weekdays (Monday to Friday).
  5. We are always glad to assist you with your project and have qualified specialists who are well-equipped to meet your specific requirements. If the writer has already finished the paper, there won't be a return.
  6. You won't be able to request a refund once you've received the entire work, but we do offer modifications depending on your instructor's input.
  7. As soon as a project is committed, the experts are assigned within 24 hours, and work is then begun within 48 hours. The request must be made within 24 hours of the project's confirmation if we need to stop the project and return the payment.
  8. 100% secrecy regarding the client's personal information, payment information, project work, and research work copyrights
  9. The project commitment, deliverables, and process flow are all clearly understood in relation to the additional requirements outside of the commitment.
  10. You understand and agree that by submitting your application through the applicant portal, you are taking full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the data contained therein.If you submit your application after the course's deadline, you agree to that.
  11. Admission and publishing are guarantees with us; in the event of cancellation, students will be quickly transferred to another university or journals.
  12. All study data will remain with us for a maximum of six months after your project is finished. You can reach out to us if you think you could lose your work.
  13. Demos can be recorded via the phone (call recording) and team viewer (screen recording).
  14. Payment reductions are available for customers who recommend friends or coworkers.
  15. Additionally available is instalment payment. The terms of the instalments will vary depending on the work.