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A review paper aims to briefly evaluate the latest development in a given field. The paper summarises the subject's present level of knowledge to its full extent. Comparing the experimental results provided in recent research publications, helps the reader grasp the subject. A review paper is not a book report or "term paper. " It is more than just a summary of the references you looked up. Instead, a review paper combines the findings from several primary literature studies to create a logical case for a topic or a narrowed-down account of a field.

How to write a Review Paper Writing

Writing a review paper's primary goal is to analyze the available facts or discoveries, which can be attained by analysis, research, segmentation, comparison, and summarization. Review papers can be used to examine endless opportunities in a particular sector and to indicate research gaps. It is helpful to draw fresh conclusions from already published works.

Review Paper Writing

Review Paper Writing Service

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    What makes a good review paper?

    An excellent review highlights important findings, explores their consequences, and makes predictions about the field's future.

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    What is the best review paper?

    A quality review paper utilizes the literature to offer fresh perspectives and enhance that field of research in addition to summarising the state of knowledge in a given subject.

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    How many references should a review paper have?

    A systematic review has 49 but the case report has 24 references.