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Assistance in NS2/NS3

Popular discrete-event network simulator ns-2 was created through a number of prior research funding and projects. It will continue to be maintained and is still in use. Scripts written in ns-2 will not execute in ns-3 ns-2 and utilizes OTcl as its scripting language, as does ns-3. To define simulations, ns-3 employs python scripts or C++ applications.

A new software development project called ns-3 aims to enhance the fundamental design, software integration, models, and instructional elements of ns-2. A few ns-2 models, most of which were developed in C++, have already been converted to ns-3: Error and OLSR Models were first created for ns-2. OTcl-based models have not been portable and will not be since doing so would need a whole rewriting.

NS2 and NS3 Support

Why NS2/NS3 simulation tool:

Our Assistance in NS2/NS3

PhD. in PhD Assistance is a current trend that many academics and students favor because of its affordable option and good outcome. The Network Simulator version 2 & Network Simulator version 3 is a packet-level, event-driven network simulator that is employed in network research. Compared to other open source simulators, NS2 is a commonly used and well-known simulator. Due to the CMU wireless expansion of NS2, it now supports wireless networks as well. It was originally based on the OSI Model to support wired Networks. For academics who want to study with the extensive and improved features of NS2, we offer PhD. in PhD Assistance. Additionally, we have created more than 1000 projects in NS2/NS3 for students from around the globe. The scholars who conduct their investigations and create their projects using NS2 and NS3 (network simulator 3). We can provide you with thorough NS2 and NS3 research as well as NS2 and NS3-related issue solutions. Our team of knowledgeable NS2 developers can help you implement and analyse a number of cutting-edge networking techniques.

PhD Assistance can lend a hand if you require a skilled NS2 developer for your wireless sensor domain, an NS2 or NS3 research article, or assistance with the implementation phase of your publication project.