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Literature Review service

A literature review is an examination of academic sources that offers a summary of a particular subject. To give readers a thorough understanding of what has been said about a subject and by whom, literature reviews compile the most pertinent and important writings on the subject. A review can be the introduction to the reason for conducting primary research, or it could be a complete work within itself. Grant and research proposals must include a review, and chapters in thesis and dissertations frequently include one as well. The goal of a review is often important to evaluate a portion of a body of published knowledge by summarization, classification, and comparison of earlier research projects, literature reviews, and theoretical pieces. A literature review should have a preface, a body, and a conclusion.

The fundamental elements of a literature review are as follows:

  • a brief review of the publication's key ideas
  • a discussion of any research gaps,
  • an assessment of the publication's value to the field.
Literature Writing

Purpose of Literature Review:

A literature review aims to provide a study of existing studies under consideration to define the reviewer's viewpoint within the body of knowledge already available on the subject. A detailed examination of earlier points before the one the reviewer will make in his or her research paper, thesis, or dissertation is presented to the reader in a literature review. A literature review, in summary, demonstrates to readers where the reviewer is entering the academic study on a certain subject within the context of previous scholarship.

Literature Review service:

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    Does the conference paper have an impact factor?

    These are proceedings and do not receive an impact factor.

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    Can a conference paper be journal-published?

    Yes, The conference paper can be submitted to the journal.