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Java Platforms

Java provides the reliable platform upon which many services and applications are built. Java is used due to its easy availability. Java is open source software which can be easily integrated with other platforms. There are lot of Java tools that are simple for developers to use. Java is available free of cost. Java is simple to learn. Java has supreme development tools. Java is platform independent.

Types of Java Applications

    Standalone Application:

  • Standalone applications known as window-based applications are traditional software that we install on every machine. eg) Media player, antivirus

  • Web Application:

  • An application that runs on the server side is called a web application. Servlet, JSP, JSF, etc are used for creating web applications in Java.
Java Support

Features of Java


Java is an object oriented programming language. OOPs focuses on the objects rather than the logic required to manipulate them.

Platform Independent:

Java is platform independent. Java is a run anywhere language.

Robust: Java is robust because


Java is portable and it provides us to carry the Java bytecode to any platform.


Java is portable and it provides us to carry the Java bytecode to any platform.


Distributed applications can be generated using Java. Java uses RMI and EJB to create distributed applications. A programmer can access another program running on the other machine. Multiple programmers at different locations work together on a single project.

Java Platforms

Our Assistance in java

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